We shall assume that the conditions necessary to model the DP, in the task performed.
A discrete investment of resources may be the choice Oh step in changing the control variables. This step can be specified (as in Problem 2, Ch. I) or determined based on the required accuracy of the calculations and the accuracy of the input data. In general, this task is difficult, requires interpolation in Tables Z * (g) in the previous steps of calculation. Sometimes, a preliminary analysis of the equation of state to select the appropriate step Oh, and set limits g, for which every step is to execute the tabulation.
Consider a problem similar to the previous one, in which to build a discrete model of PD resource allocation process.

Problem 3. Make the optimal plan of the annual distribution of funds between the two enterprises in the three-year planning period, the following conditions: 1) the initial amount of 400, 2) investment in the amount of x I bring to the enterprise income fi (x) and returned to 60% of x and the company respectively II-f2 (x) and 20%, and 3) an annual delegate all cash received from the returned funds.
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