Similarly, for the funds have invested in the company II, the relevant functions are f2 (y) and CP2 {y) - For the functions fi (x), (piC *), f2 (y) and $ 2 {y) given distribution. Maximize the total income from the two companies over n years, at the beginning of each year returned funds are reallocated, and income distribution is not involved.

The prevalence of relational systems in the software market may cause some surprise. Indeed, the well-known difficulties which arise when trying to effectively implement the relational model of data for large computer systems, and work towards the creation of special hardware (relational special processor, database machine) in order to achieve acceptable performance relational DBMS. The company IBM Corp. spent about ten years to conduct serious research and development before it is released to the market the first commercial relational database SQL / DS and DB / 2 for its large computing systems.
The question naturally arises, how is able to overcome these difficulties in the personal computer. We believe that the development of relational database systems for personal computers are no specific new steps to overcome these difficulties, no one was trying to make. Such a massive selection of the relational data model by developers of software for the PC was determined, in our opinion, this model is convenient for the user, and the relative simplicity of its implementation, especially if you are not too burdened with performance problems. Perhaps the important role played by the well-known advantages of the relational model, which is actively used R for promotional purposes. In addition, at an early stage technology of personal computers database performance problems were not severe, because the size of the database was small. Satisfactory solution is to use the indexing mechanisms to ensure faster access to required data. When later with the advent of large hard disk into hundreds of megabytes of these issues to the fore, have taken steps to address them.

The above structure of the database for the existing fleet of PCs led to increased negative trend, which began to take shape in the database technology for another "big" computer systems. The question of the adequacy of the database used in the data model implemented by the nature of the application domain has ceased to play any significant role in choosing the right system. With an abundance of relational database on a PC solution to this problem is almost almost always a foregone conclusion - a relational system.
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